Sending Crash Reports

If we can’t find any crash reports, the best way would be to send us crash reports to identify the issue.


  1. Open the Analytics & Improvements section (in Settings > Privacy & Security) on the device. See Share analytics, diagnostics, and usage information with Apple
  2. Tap Analytics Data
  3. Locate the log for Expenses. The log name starts with Expenses_<DateTime> for crash reports, or JetsamEvent_<DateTime> for high-memory use crashes
  4. Select the desired log
  5. Tap the Share icon, and select Mail to send the crash report as a mail attachment to [email protected]


  1. Open the Console app, from Applications > Utilities in Finder
  2. Select Crash Reports
  3. Locate crash reports for Expenses in the list. Logs are listed by your app’s binary name
  4. Right-click the desired log’s file name
  5. Select Reveal in Finder
  6. Drag the file displayed in Finder to Mail to send the crash report as a mail attachment to [email protected]

For more detail, please refer to Acquiring Crash Reports and Diagnostic Logs.

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