Multi Currency

The app supports multiple currencies. This means you can add expenses/income in different currencies in a single sheet. The currency rates are usually updated every day. The supported currencies are listed in the XML file.


For example, you can add an expense in USD and another expense in EUR.

In the above example, the sheet is in USD. The first expense (-€12.00) is in EUR, and the second expense (-$20.00) is in USD. The app will automatically convert the EUR expense to USD. The total amount (-$34.25) of the sheet is in USD.

Note that the last currency you selected will be used in the next expense/income.

How the conversion works

When adding an expense/income in a different currency, you can choose either Automatic or Manual (Fixed). If you choose Automatic, the app will automatically convert the amount to the sheet’s currency based on the latest currency rates. If you choose Manual (Fixed), the app will convert the amount using the specified currency rate. The default currency rate is the current one (Fixed). You can also set a custom currency rate as default so that you don’t have to specify it every time.

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